Music Together  classes are based on these four ideas:



All children are musical, and no child or adult needs special "talent" to love music or enjoy class!


Given early exposure, all children can learn to sing in tune and keep accurate rhythm. This is our human birthright: to participate in the music of our culture. The earlier a child experiences rich, musical environments, the better chances that the child will be able to achieve this basic music competence. Some children may not reach their full musical potential--and therefore not be able to sing and dance--if their early musical environments are limited.


Parents and caregivers are a child's most important music teachers. By singing joyfully and moving to music, your child will want to join you and make music, too!

Young children learn music best through play and experimentation in an enviroment free from performance rules or pressures. Sometimes a child will want to simply absorb an activity, and some children are happy to jump into the spotlight.

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